When is New replacement Windows Necessary?

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When homeowners start planning for Seattle, WA replacement windows, timing is of the essence. It makes sense that they want to get as much use out of their old windows as possible. But keeping old windows around for too long can also compromise the quality of life and end up costing more money in the long run. That is why it is so important to be able to spot some of the telltale signs that it is time for new windows. Here are the main things to watch out for.

Damaged Windows

The first and easiest thing to watch out for is damage. Broken glass, warped frames, condensation between the panes—these are all things to watch out for that indicate it is time for an upgrade. Most homeowners understand that a broken window needs to be replaced as soon as possible. But not all of the warning signs are this obvious.

Difficult Window Operation

Sticky window operation might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it too is another sign it might be time for new windows. Egress windows need to open and close smoothly with little effort. That is because these windows must function as an escape in the event of an emergency that blocks all other exits. And what happens if this window doesn’t open? It could make all the difference. Upgrading to new windows will ensure proper operation when homeowners are counting on it most.

Frequent Maintenance and Repairs

Another sign to watch out for is when it starts to feel like old windows are in constant need of maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. As windows age, gaps start to form in the window assembly. This means a lot more dirt and debris are getting inside and causing unnecessary wear and tear on all the moving parts. Eventually, it will be impossible to find and replace those damaged parts.

Uncomfortable Drafts and Air Leaks

Gaps in the assembly can also lead to air leaks. These drafts will become most noticeable in the summer and the winter. Not only will certain areas of the house feel uncomfortable, but there will also be a dramatic increase in energy bills. The heating and cooling system will start working overtime to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, and so much of that air will be going right out the window—literally.

Decay and Water Damage

Gaps can also lead to leaks and water damage. Homeowners do not want to see any discoloration, peeling paint, or stains around the window frame. This is a clear indication of water damage and it is vitally important to pin down the source of the leak and get it repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, what starts as a small problem can quickly progress to a larger issue and more extensive repairs.

These are just a few of the problems to watch out for. But there are plenty of other things that can also tell you when Seattle, WA replacement windows are necessary. Talk to one of our window experts today about the best timing for replacement windows.

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