9 Don’t Miss Benefits of Replacement Windows

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Having a tough time opening and closing old windows? Tired of dealing with drafts and leaks? Ready to upgrade the style of your home without a complete remodel? If you answered yes, then it might be time for new windows. Redmond, WA replacement windows deliver so many benefits you do not want to miss out on. Here are just a few of the things to look forward to if you are contemplating this home improvement.

Brighter Indoor Living Space

When upgrading with replacement windows it is the perfect time to get more of the natural light you crave. Larger windows and better window placement can flood your home with natural light. And with more daylight comes a whole string of benefits that will improve your home and your quality of life.

More Natural Ventilation

New windows can also mean upgrading to superior ventilation. When it comes to ventilation, certain window styles perform better than others. Swapping out a picture window for a sliding window or an awning window could improve indoor air quality and freshen up the home. It is also an opportunity to pattern out window placement for better cross breezes and air circulation.

Better Insulation & Energy Savings

This is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade their old windows. The insulating technologies on new windows make them better than ever. And no more drafts and leaks will mean homeowners can keep their homes more comfortable while spending less on energy bills all year long.

Easy Window Operation

New windows open and close easily with very little effort. The fact that with new windows there is no sticky window operation is more than simple convenience. It also means the occupants of the home can use egress windows in an emergency without the fear of getting stuck.

Simplified Maintenance

The modern materials on new windows make cleaning and maintenance easier than ever. And most window designs feature removable or tilt-in sashes. This means homeowners don’t even have to haul out the ladder to clean upper-story windows. For many homeowners, that alone might make the upgrades worth the investment.

More Peaceful Interior

Soundproofing is another important feature of modern windows. Old windows can make the home feel a lot more chaotic and noisy. There is no reason to hear every barking dog or honking car horn in the neighborhood.

Eliminate Sun Damage

UV rays can damage the floors, fabrics, furnishings and so much more inside the home. And old windows do very little to stop the harmful light from the sun. But new windows feature modern coatings that can block UV light and protect everyone and everything inside.

Maximize Safety & Security

Old, dilapidated windows are magnets for disaster. They are unsafe and also put the home at risk. Nothing is more attractive to an intruder than an old, out-of-the-way window. New windows come with improved features like more robust frame materials and locking systems designed to keep intruders out. And laminated, impact-resistant glass goes a long way toward keeping the occupants of the home safe.

Boosted Curb Appeal

The truth is, old windows look old. And they can make the home look older too. But upgrading to modern products is like giving the home a facelift. The aesthetic is just one of the many good reasons to consider Redmond, WA replacement windows.

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