6 Best Windows for Superior Ventilation

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Primarily, windows provide natural light and natural ventilation. These are essential features in the home. And one of the main benefits of Redmond, WA replacement windows is the opportunity to get superior ventilation. Here are the window styles homeowners should choose for a bright and airy feel with maximum ventilation.

1. Casement Windows

When looking to get access to the full window opening for ventilation, then casement windows are the best bet. These windows open and close on a crank. And because of the way these windows open, homeowners can use 100% of the opening to get rid of stale air and draw fresh air inside. For the best ventilation, homeowners should consider casement windows on different sides of the home with no barrier between them.

2. Awning Windows

Awning windows are a lot like casement windows. The difference is awning windows have hinges at the top of the window frame. So when these windows open, the glass creates a protective roof over the window opening. The reason these windows are so popular for ventilation is that they can open rain or shine. They also work in basements because they are easy to install higher up on the wall.

3. Sliding Windows

These are very popular window designs. Sliding windows do not require as many mechanical parts as other window designs, so they are easier to manufacture and install. And the simpler design of these windows gives homeowners access to top-to-bottom ventilation. They can slide the window open just a crack for a slight breeze, or push one panel completely to the side. And because these windows do not take up any extra outdoor space, they can work almost anywhere in the home.

4. Single-Hung Windows

These windows are some of the most traditional designs on the market and are ideal for smaller spaces. These windows are tall, but not especially wide. And they can provide plenty of light and ventilation despite taking up a smaller amount of space.

5. Double-Hung Windows

When it comes to ventilation, double-hung windows might be the absolute best design. Because even without the presence of wind outside, double-hung windows can still circulate the air in a room. This is because, with double-hung windows, homeowners can open both the top and bottom sash. This causes natural circulation while stale air flows out the top and cool, fresh air flows in through the bottom. The higher the ceilings and the taller the windows, the more effective these windows can be.

6. Bay Windows

Looking to catch breezes that flow from two different directions instead of just one? Then bay windows are another ideal choice. These larger window installations are aesthetic show-stoppers. But they do so much more than sit and look pretty. Because of the angle and the projection of these windows, the two sidelights can catch cross breezes and provide plenty of light and ventilation.

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