When Do I Need Redmond, WA Window Replacement?

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So many homeowners want to put off getting replacement windows as long as possible. Unfortunately, windows will not last forever. So here are the signs to watch for that tell you when it is time for Redmond, WA window replacement.

Visible Damage

This is the most obvious sign it is time for new windows. Think broken glass, warped frames, rust, rot, and other types of visible damage. Broken windows are not only inconvenient, but they can also be dangerous and attract the wrong kind of attention. And you will want to start saving up for replacement windows as soon as possible.

Drafty Windows

When certain areas of the home start to feel too hot or too cold, it is often the windows to blame. As windows age, the seals and weather stripping start to break down. This means air can pass freely around the windows. The HVAC system will have to work overtime to maintain comfortable temperatures and this will drive up energy costs from month to month.

Moisture Leaks

Water damage is a major concern for old, leaky windows. You do not want water seeping into the home. It could ruin paint, drywall, flooring, and so much more. Repairs for water damage can be so expensive, not to mention the risk of mold growth. That said, the signs of a leaky window can be hard to spot. So it is important to perform regular inspections around the windows.

Condensation Trapped between the Panes

Moisture collecting on the exterior surfaces of the windows is not usually something to be alarmed about. It will come and go with humidity and temperature changes. The same cannot be said for moisture trapped between the panes. This is a clear indication of seal failure. And these windows will no longer perform at an optimal energy rating. Insulation will become a problem and the only fix is a replacement window.

Noise Pollution

Old windows do not block noise very well. And it can be frustrating when you feel like you can hear every dog in the neighborhood barking. But with replacement windows, there are new technologies you can choose that will improve the soundproofing on new windows. These glazing options will go a long way to restoring some peace and tranquility to the home—especially if you live in a busy or noisy area.

Difficult Operation

Windows, especially egress windows, need to open and close easily with very little effort. Sticky windows could prove to be a major hazard. But with age and use, most moving parts will start to wear out. In some cases, you can remove debris and clean things up to help smooth out the operation. But other times the windows are so old it is simply better to get new ones.

Outdated Style

Functionality isn’t everything. Windows also do a lot to contribute to the aesthetics of a home. And outdated windows can really make a home look rundown. Redmond, WA window replacement could be a good way to refresh the aesthetics and boost the curb appeal of the home. If you are ready for new windows, be sure to call our experts and set up a consultation.


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