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Egress Windows

Sure Egress WindowsRemodeling your basement can be a very satisfying accomplishment and can add additional cost-effective space to your home. So if this is something you’ve been planning, you’ve probably looked into egress window options.

Simply put, an egress window is an escape window designed to be operable for allowing emergency escape and rescue. According to building code, these windows are required in any room that’s considered living space. Egress windows typically are installed in the basement, and are required to have certain dimensions.

Completing your project to code doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise the beauty of your basement. We offer a large variety of egress solutions that combine windows and wells with features for privacy and security, easy operation, structural options for energy efficiency, all around a design you’ll love.

Our installation options will complete your project according to code. All of our work is backed by our Quality Workmanship Warranty, and our Satisfaction Guarantee. You’ll get the expert assistance you need for installing your egress window successfully, with the quality customer service you deserve.

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International building code

Code requires that the opening of an egress be equal or greater than 5.7 square feet, with a minimum opening height of 24 inches, and a minimum opening width of 20 inches. Window wells are required if the window is below ground level.

Residential requirements will differ from commercial building on locations where escape windows must be installed but will have the same or very similar dimensions.

Security Options

A big concern about these windows is security. We offer stainless steel security models, with closings to the well to keep animals and debris from accessing, as well as people walking around your perimeter.

Energy Efficiency

Sure Egress Window InstallationAll vinyl, or fiberglass windows, as oppose to aluminum to keep moisture out, and Low-e glass options available to reduce lighting are some of the options we offer in our egress window packages. Other options specific to your climate can be installed.


When upgrading from a standard 8x6 basement window there are many parts that are included in the installation. Installing these windows is something we do regularly. Our window contractor will fully review your project requirements, and will draw up the job scope listing the application methods. Next we schedule the job, and go to work.

Double Pane Windows

If you’re in the market for something thats more energy efficient, consider units that have double panes. By incorporate insulating gas and low e coating, they provide a blanket like effect during the cold season. The low e glass protects against UV rays during the hot season. Products and installation service available.

Triple Pane Windows

Better for insulation in extreme cold weather, the third pane creates a second pocket that is filled with either Argon or Krypton which has a noticeable difference just by standing next to it. Standard or custom size units available in casements, double and single hung, and more along with installation service.

Vinyl Windows

Low maintenance, low costing and great on efficiency, you can find casements, single and double hung, awnings, and egress windows in vinyl framing. New models from top brands with no visible welding. Replacement and new construction installation for residential and commercial applications.

Wood Windows

There is nothing that can compare to the look of solid wood in your interior. Now you can enjoy wood without the worry of rot, or weather damage at a relatively low cost. New Fibrex by Andersen uses a composite exterior for protection that will last for many years. Custom size and installation options available.

Aluminum Windows

Much has improved in aluminum frames, and now you can enjoy their aesthetics without the worry poor energy performance ratings. Firstly thermal breaks now separate the exterior from the interior stopping the transfer of heat and cold, secondly insulated glass panes are installed, and now performance rating are much higher.

Fiberglass Windows

Growing in popularity more and more everyday, fiberglass does not conduct heat or cold and therefore is a great solution for energy conscious shopper. Many casements, awnings, single and double hung and egress windows are all available in fiberglass. Much more durable than vinyl and look great.

Casement Windows

Like a door, these are hinged on one side and open from the other. A mid size window thats weather-tight and because so is efficient when combined with low e coating and argon gas. Cranks in new models make these more user-friendly and are built to last. We carry these other popular window types including Egress windows.

Double Hung Window

The more popular choice among homeowners, these operate similar to the single hung with a sash that slides to open and close. Available in vinyl, fiberglass, wood and aluminum in every size. We carry many popular products and perform installations for replacements and new construction that include Egress Window projects.

Awning Windows

The like casement these also open in the same fashion but from the bottom upwards. During rain these conveniently let in fresh air without soaking your interior. Good in kitchens, bathrooms, attics and available in any size. Offered by Andersen, Pella, and Marvin in vinyl, fiberglass, wood and aluminum.

Bay Window

A much desired feature for a home, these combine three types of windows with a fixed center and two that function on each side forming a bay. We offer many products from quality brands like Andersen and Pella, with replacement and new construction installations for Egress window jobs and more.

Bow Window

Typically combining 5 or more windows to form a bow, these are sure to brighten up any room while capturing a view of your outdoor landscape. offered in solid wood interiors stained to match furniture cabinets or any other accents, combined with aluminum or fiberglass exteriors.

Round Windows

Add uniqueness to any room by installing these. New open and close functionality, low e coating, and insulating gas like Argon or Krypton all available. Factory stained wood, or painted, or choose aluminum to blend well into any modern design. If you're looking for a certain size, speak with one of our experts for details.

French Windows

If you want to make your outdoor living space really stand out while increasing natural light inside your home, consider these. We carry quality product form brands like Andersen, and Marvin backed by high PG ratings, and perform window installation service. Vinyl, and fiberglass units, and much more.

Transom Windows

Installed over doors, these are low costing and work really well in increasing design appeal. Find many styles like fan shaped, Mediterranean, wrapped in many finished that range from wood to aluminum. We carry casements, awnings, single and double hung, egress windows and more with window installation options.

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