What is Wrong with Old Windows?

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The perceptions homeowners have about the cost and process for replacement windows in Seattle, WA causes them to delay this important home improvement project. But what they may not realize is that putting off the project for too long can be even more costly. What is wrong with old windows? Here are a few minor issues that could become major problems if not addressed as soon as possible.

Sticky Window Operation

With time and exposure to the elements, the frame material on old windows can warp, rot, swell, or fall out of the square. In turn, this can result in a sticky window operation. Homeowners can check to see if the track is dirty or the hardware is in need of lubrication. But if some cleaning and silicone spray does not fix the problem, it might be time for replacement windows. The sticky operation will get worse. And while it may seem like only a mild frustration, homeowners do not want to be unable to open an egress window in case of an emergency.

Moisture Damage and Mold Growth

Windows are meant to protect against leaks, not let water through. But as windows age, they start to develop gaps in the assembly that let water in. Signs of water damage often start small. Homeowners might notice some slight spotting or discoloration and bubbling or peeling paint. But if the leak is left for too long the water can seep into and damage the substructures of the home. Mold is another concern that can expose homeowners to some major health risks.

Air Leaks and Drafts

Drafts can make certain areas of the home feel too hot or too cold, depending on the weather outside. This will have a dramatic impact on the energy performance of your home and will drive up your heating and cooling costs. These problems will only get worse with time. And month to month, year to year, the cost of the heating and cooling losses will grow exponentially.

Broken Seals on the Glazing Unit

Condensation on the exterior surfaces of the glass is not usually caused for concern. It usually occurs in winter when the warm, humid air comes in contact with the cold surface of the glass. The condensation will usually clear up on its own. But condensation trapped between the glass is because of seal failure on the glazing unit. The inert gas between the panes leaks out. And when ordinary air takes its place this results in fog. This is a clear indication the window will no longer insulate as it should. And the only solution is replacement windows.

Safety and Security Risks

As windows age, parts and hardware start to break down. This means locks and latches become unreliable and no longer work to secure and protect the home. With new windows, there are safety and security features to look forward to. Things like reinforced frames, more durable hardware, and safety glass will help keep homeowners safe.

If old windows are causing one or more of these problems, it is time for replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Contact the experts at Signature Window and Door Replacement.

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