Buying a Home? 5 Window Problems to Watch Out For

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Windows are an important asset in any home. They let in light. They provide ventilation. They protect against the elements. They improve energy savings. And if they do not perform properly it can impact the living conditions inside the home. That is why, when shopping for a new home, you want to check the windows for some of these common problems. That way you know if the house needs replacement windows in Seattle, WA before you move in.

1. Sticky Windows

As windows age, the materials can swell, warp, or fall out of the square and the operation can get sticky. Some windows might be difficult to open, or some might not open or close at all. This is more than just a simple inconvenience. It could put you and your family at risk in case of an emergency. You want to test all of the windows to make sure they open and close easily and that all egress windows can work as an escape route.

2. Mold or Water Damage

Leaks can occur because of damage, improper installation, or broken seals. And if a leak goes unnoticed for too long it can lead to water damage and mold growth. Eventually, the moisture will seep into the substructures of the home and cause even more serious problems. Definitely, something to check for before purchasing a home.

3. Condensation between the Glass

Condensation on the exterior surface of the glass is not something to worry over too much. It is usually the result of humidity in the air and a temperature differential. This type of condensation will clear up on its own. But condensation between the glass is a different story. This is the result of seal failure on the insulated glazing unit. If a seal fails it can cause the inert gas to leak out and natural air slowly replaces it. With the inert gas gone the window will not insulate as it should and becomes an efficiency concern.

4. Cracked, Warped, or Rotted Frames

Window frames can swell, warp, rot, rust, or corrode from constant exposure to the elements. With wood window frames you might be able to sand and refinish the frames. But in most cases, the only way to restore the function and durability is with replacement windows.

5. Drafts or Excessive Heat

Windows with drafts will usually make the area in proximity feel unnaturally cold or hot, depending on the weather outside. In some cases, you can repair the caulk or replace the weather stripping to reseal the window. But if gaps are too large, or something else is the cause of the leak, then there isn’t much you can do to control the problem.

6. Poor Maintenance

There is never any cause to use abrasives, harsh chemicals, or power washers on the windows. These will cause a variety of problems. And it is easy to spot when a window has not been well cared for.

If you are thinking of buying a home and the windows are in poor condition, you should have them inspected by a professional before making an offer. That way, you can decide if you are ready to invest in a new home and replacement windows in Seattle, WA.

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