Ways to Hurry along the Installation of Replacement Windows

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You have probably been waiting for this day—the day your replacement windows in Seattle, WA finally get installed. Soon, the vision you have for your home will become a reality. The last thing you want to do is slow the process. So here are some ways you can prepare your home and help the installation crew so your new windows can go in as quickly and seamlessly as possible:

1. Clear the Area Outside the Window

Start outside. Anything that is immediately outside the window should be moved. Things like planters, pots, furniture, etc. You might also want to cut back any branches or shrubs that will create obstacles for the installation team.

2. Clear the Area Inside the Window

Once the outside is ready you can move inside and start moving any furniture immediately inside the windows. Clearing the workspace and making sure it is free from obstacles will reduce the risk of accidents.

3. Remove Window Coverings

You would be surprised how many homeowners forget to take down the blinds, drapes, and curtain rods. If this job is left to the installation crew it will eat up time and they might inadvertently damage your window treatments.

4. Protect Your Belongings

Do you have any fragile or expensive artwork hanging on the wall near your windows? Or a precious heirloom on a nearby shelf? It is important to keep in mind that window removal does require some demolition work. The installation crew will be focusing on the job at hand and not necessarily on what might be rattling around on the walls.

5. Cover Your Furniture

Professional installation crews will do what they can to mitigate the mess and debris. They will have their own sheeting to cover the area immediately around the window. That said, it is a good idea to cover your own furniture once it is out of the way.

6. Clear the Path

The installation team will likely walk in and out of the home several times. You want the paths from the door to the rooms of your house clear of rugs, cords, toys, and anything else that might trip them up.

7. Uncover the Outlets

Window removal and replacement will go more quickly if installation teams have easy access to the outlets. In areas where an outlet may not be obvious, be sure to point them out.

8. Deactivate the Alarms

If you have sensors on your doors and windows you should contact your alarm company to let them know you are getting replacement windows. They can deactivate your system during installation and turn things back on when the job is complete.

9. Take Care of Pets and Small Children

If you have them, you know how easily pets and small children can get underfoot. This is particularly dangerous during window installation. You want to make a plan to send your little ones or pets to a neighbor or keep them to a certain area of the home that is out of the way.

10. Remain Onsite

During installation, it is important for you to remain onsite. That way you can address any questions the installation crew may have or make any final decisions should a problem arise.

These tips will help make the installation of replacement windows in Seattle, WA run quickly and smoothly. For installers, you can trust, contact Signature Window & Door Replacement.

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