7 Problems You Can Solve With Replacement Windows

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Windows are one of the most important features in your home. They are a great source of natural light. They provide ventilation. They secure your property. They insulate and provide energy savings. And they boost the aesthetic appeal of the home both inside and out. And if something goes wrong with your windows it can cause a lot of issues. Here are just a handful of the problems you could solve with replacement windows in Seattle, WA.

1. Sashes Won’t Stay Open or Closed

Do you have difficulty opening and closing your windows? Or have you noticed your windows do not stay open or closed as they should? This is a common problem on old windows as springs, hinges, and handles wear out. You want your windows to operate smoothly with very little effort. If you are to the point of rigging your window just to keep it open or closed, it is time for new windows.

2. Drafts

Ever enter a room a notice a significant temperature difference? This is likely from a drafty window. With time and use the seals on windows will wear out and break down. This leads to air infiltration.

3. Inefficient Heating and Cooling

Drafts result not only in discomfort but also in energy losses. Heating and cooling are already expensive. But with old windows, you are literally throwing money right out the window. Modern products have advanced insulation technologies meant to make your home as efficient as possible.

4. Water Leaks

Moisture damage is a major concern. If water seeps into the walls or floors it can cause major damage. At first, you might only notice some slight discoloration. But the damage will progress to peeling paint, sagging sheetrock, mold growth, and more. Water damage is dangerous and expensive to repair. Best to get that leak fixed quickly before too much harm can be done.

5. Rotted or Damaged Window Frames

Damaged windows frames can be such an eyesore. Common problems include rotting, warping, rust, fading, and discoloration. Any one of these can decrease the appeal and value of the home.

6. Condensation between the Panes

Condensation is common on the interior or exterior surfaces of the window. It stems from a specific combination of humidity and temperature. Eventually, the condensation will dissipate on its own when that climate balances back out. But condensation between the panes is another story. This fogging is impossible to get rid of once it arises. It stems from seal failure. And the only way to restore clarity and efficiency is with new windows.

7. Lack of Security

Broken locks and latches are a common problem on old windows. And these can be a major security risk. In some cases, you can order parts to fix the issue. But if windows are more than 15 years old, it might just be time for replacement windows.

If you notice any one of these problems it is time to take action. For help finding the best replacement windows in Seattle, WA contact Signature Window & Door Replacement.

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