Most Likely Causes of Seal Failure

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Energy-efficient windows are a top priority for most homeowners. Without proper window seals the home will feel cold, drafty, and uncomfortable. Not to mention the added cost of heating and cooling. The best solution to leaks is replacement windows in Seattle, WA. But what caused windows to leak in the first place? Here are the most common culprits.

1. Age and Use

The seals on new windows will wear out and break down with time and use. Most builder-grade windows will only last for about 10 years. Modern replacement windows have a bit more longevity, but still, nothing lasts forever. Eventually, they will wear out, the window will become less efficient, and will likely develop leaks.

2. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Seals are the flexible, protective materials that do all the work when the other rigid materials expand and contract due to extreme temperatures, moisture, and atmospheric pressure. Repeated exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations will do a number on the seals and eventually, they will wear out and break down.

3. Elements

In addition to temperature fluctuations, other weather and climate elements can also cause windows to leak. Prolonged rain exposure paired with freezing and thawing can lift the seals until they are no longer flush with the frame.

4. Lack of Overhangs

Prolonged exposure to rain can also result in leaks. This is where soffits, fascia, and proper overhangs really come into play. These features force water to drain away from the windows and sides of the house. Without them, rain has direct contact which often results in leaks.

5. Mold

Moisture often results in mold growth. And mold growth can damage window seals and make them ineffective. The moment you notice any discoloration or mold growth around your windows you want to get it cleared up right away to movement leaks and mold spores.

6. Lack of Maintenance

Proper maintenance is another key factor in prolonging the life of windows. Using a power washer, harsh chemicals, or abrasives to clean your windows will do more harm than good. They can damage the seals, or cause them the shrink or crack. Deferred maintenance can also cause problems. It is important to keep seals clean and dry. It is also important to inspect seals regularly to check for leaks or damage.

7. Installation Issues

Window installation is meticulous work. One misstep or incorrectly fitted seal can produce a leaking window. This is why it is so important to get your replacement windows installed by a professional.

8. Poor Product Quality

It is rare, but on occasion, a window is a simply poor quality. Something goes wrong during manufacturing. Something goes wrong during transit. Or something goes wrong during the installation. These design flaws are not something you can predict. And nothing is more annoying than a brand new window that immediately starts leaking. Fortunately, if you work with a reliable company, this type of leak should be covered by the warranty.

If your window leaks, for any reason, the next step is to consult with a professional like Signature Window & Door Replacement to figure out your next steps. Most likely you will need replacement windows in Seattle, WA.

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