Warning Signs of Bad Window Installation

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Windows are one of the most important features in the home. They provide protection, insulation, natural light, ventilation, and style. And unfortunately, they don’t last forever. When it comes time for replacement windows in Seattle, WA you want to make sure you not only choose good products, but also reliable installers who will get the job done right. Here are some common warning signs of bad window installation:

1. Noises and Squeaks

What is the first sign of an improperly installed window? Odd noises when you try to open and close it. Squeaky noises or crackling sounds are bad omens that indicate a problem that will get progressively worse.

2. Sticky Operation

Windows should open and close smoothly with very little fuss. If a window is difficult to close and open it means it was not measured or installed properly. And the trouble will only continue to get worse. This is not only an inconvenience but can also put your home at risk.

3. Gaps

If a window is measured and fitted properly during installation there should be no gaps between the sill and frame. If the installer didn’t measure properly or chose the wrong size window this could result in gaps. Some smaller gaps can be corrected with shims and expanding foam. But larger gaps require replacing the window.

4. Drafts

New windows should make your home more comfortable. But if certain rooms feel breezier than normal, it could be from drafty windows. You don’t want to pay for the heater to have to compensate for the drafts.

5. Water Damage

Poorly installed windows let in more than just air. They can also allow moisture inside. This is dangerous because water leaks start small and can go unnoticed for a long while, causing extensive damage that is expensive to repair. After new windows are installed you should watch for warping, discoloration, or softness.

6. Foggy Glass

Condensation on the exterior surfaces of new windows is not uncommon. In fact, it can take a few weeks for the home to acclimate to the tighter seals. But there should never be fogging between the panes. It means the seals on the insulated glazing unit (IGU) have worn out and the inert gas between the panes has leaked out. This limits the insulating properties of the windows and they will not perform as efficiently as they should.

7. Sloppy Caulking

Caulk is more than just a finishing touch. It plays an essential role in how well the window keeps out the elements. The line of caulk should be clean and tight. If the caulk appears patchy, uneven, or sloppy it suggests the installer was lazy about quality. And that should make you question the rest of the job.

Getting new windows is only as good as the warranty. And the warranty is only as good as the installation. Most manufacturers will not honor the warranty unless the window is properly installed by a window replacement company. For replacement windows in Seattle, WA contact Signature Window & Door Replacement.

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