Habits That Can Ruin Replacement Windows

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Most homeowners want their Seattle, WA replacement windows to last as long as possible. But they have no idea that some of these bad habits could be cutting down on their longevity. If you want your new windows to last, these are some of the bad habits you should try and avoid.

1. Leaving Window Coverings Down

So many homeowners choose to leave their window coverings completely closed, especially in the winter. While this is a great way to help insulate the home, it can also cause moisture to build up between the window and the window treatment. Condensation will be a problem, as well as potential icing. This could lead to water damage and gaps in the assembly. If you plan to keep your drapes or blinds closed for the duration of winter, then be sure to leave a small gap at the bottom or an opening between the curtains to allow for some airflow and circulation.

2. Neglecting to Lock the Windows

So many homeowners will close their windows, but forget to latch and lock them. This might not seem like a big deal, but windows operate at peak efficiency when they are closed and locked. This will tighten the seals on the windows so there is little to no airflow. And locking the windows tight will prevent the entrance of moisture and help keep the seals in good condition.

3. Forgetting Routine Inspections

It is important to closely inspect your windows at least once a month. Signs of problems tend to start small and get progressively worse with time. Taking a closer look at the windows means checking for signs of water damage like discoloration, peeling paint, or mold growth. It also means watching out for sticky window operation, broken locks, or warping. And the most obvious things to watch for include broken glass, pooling water, or condensation trapped between the panes of glass.

4. Improper Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular cleaning should also be part of window maintenance. But there is never any reason to use abrasives or harsh chemicals on the windows. And using a power washer will damage the seals. The only things needed for proper window maintenance are mild detergent, water, a soft bristle brush for tough stains, and a lint-free cloth.

5. Not Cleaning Tracks & Hinges

Cleaning out the tracks and wiping down the hinges should also be part of routine cleanings. This means pulling out the vacuum to remove any loose dirt and then wiping down the track with a damp cloth and then applying silicone lubrication to both the track and the hinges. This will keep all of the moving parts in great repair for a long, long time.

New windows can be such an exciting upgrade. And to keep them looking new you need to keep up with the proper maintenance and kick some of these old habits. For more tips on Seattle, WA replacement windows, contact our experts today!

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