Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

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When thinking about the renovations for your home, you might consider major projects like remodels and exterior updates. These projects can be rewarding, but there is something that can be even better. Redmond, WA replacement windows are a big investment. The cost can put off potential customers and you might think your windows are functioning just fine. But this practical home improvement comes with more returns than you might expect. Here are just a few of the reasons why new windows are worth the cost.

Energy Savings

One of the leading reasons to get new windows is to upgrade insulation and boost efficiency. With the right glazing upgrades, new windows will help reduce drafts and leaks. They will also protect against those unwanted solar heat gains and energy losses. This means several things. First, the home will be more comfortable throughout the entire year. Second, there will not be as much need or reliance on the heating and cooling system. And third, if the HVAC system doesn’t run as often it will prolong the life of one of the most expensive appliances in your home. Truly, with replacement windows, you can cut down on energy losses and save a lot of money.

Improved Aesthetics

Aesthetics are another thing to think about when purchasing replacement windows. Old, worn-out windows can make the home appear run down. But new windows will give your home a facelift. Not only will they make the home appear newer and more attractive, but will also catch the attention of prospective buyers. This is an important feature if you plan to list your home for sale in the next couple of years.

Safety and Security

Windows on the home should also provide safety and security. But older windows might be missing some important upgrades. With replacement windows, you can choose to get more robust window frames meant to withstand damage. You can also invest in laminated safety glass. This feature not only improves strength but also keeps the majority of the window intact if it does break. There is also the option of upgrading the locks and latches on windows to help make the home more secure. With all of these features combined, getting new windows can help protect your loved ones and your property.

Low Maintenance

So many homeowners are worn out by the maintenance of their old windows. Wood windows are especially difficult to maintain because they require sanding and repainting every few years. And what are you supposed to do if a part breaks down and you can’t get a replacement? With new windows, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming maintenance. These windows are easy to operate. They are also easy to clean. Modern styles feature removable or tilt-in sashes. This means you may not even need to take out the ladder to clean your upper-story windows.

As with most home improvements, there is no set amount of money you can plan to recoup. There are just too many factors to consider. That said, with Redmond, WA replacement windows you can easily figure out why they would be a good investment. If you are ready to sit down with a design professional, stop by our showroom today.

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