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Most homeowners believe DIY home improvements will help save them money. But there are some remodeling projects best left to professionals. This includes replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Expert contractors have the tools, training, and technical ability to get the job done right. These are just a few of the reasons why professional installation matters.

Years of Experience  

Window installation is complex. And a few tutorials and videos do not an expert make. It isn’t a job you want to leave to just anyone. Trained professionals who work exclusively with replacement windows will know the critical steps to help customers avoid performance issues later.  They also have the training and tools so they can work safely and efficiently without damaging the windows or the home.

Updated on Industry Trends 

Professional installation crews have the latest industry knowledge. They understand their brands and products inside and out. They also know which styles and technologies will best benefit their customers. Choosing the right window for your home will be much easier with their help.

Ensure Correct Size of Windows 

Purchasing and installing new windows requires exact measurements. It requires not only the size of the frame but also the clearance for insulation with no margin for error. A small mistake or miscalculation could result in windows that leak, warp, or fall out of the square. This lack of expertise could ruin the entire project.

Windows will be Installed Correctly  

In addition to proper measurements, window installation also includes squaring up the window and making sure it is level. Poor installation could result in leaks or air infiltration. Or the most dangerous result could be windows dislodging from the frame entirely.

Project will be Completed Quickly  

With experience also comes efficiency. Installation crews usually take an average of 45 minutes per window. And they can install about ten windows in a day. In most cases, professional installers can complete an entire home project in just a couple of days including setting up, window replacement, and site cleanup. An untrained, DIY window installer would be hard-pressed to accomplish even just one or two windows in a single day.

Broken or Damaged Windows Covered by Insurance 

With DIY installation, the homeowners are responsible for any accidental damage or injury. By hiring a reputable installation company, those damages are covered by their insurance. They will be responsible for replacing any broken windows or making any repairs for accidental damage.

Warranty Remains Intact 

Professional installation is often a requirement for most product warranties on new windows. Without proper installation the warranty is void. But by hiring a professional window contractor you not only get a strong warranty on the product but also on the service. A reliable company will stand by its products and their installation. Most will offer a lifetime limited warranty for 20 years or more.

Professional window installers will always be prepared for the job. And there are many reasons why hiring professional installers matters. Contact us for more information about our replacement windows in Seattle, WA and our professional installation crews.

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