Top 8 Window Buying Mistakes – Replacement Windows Seattle, WA

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There is a lot of information to process when shopping for replacement windows in Seattle, WA. And mistakes are common. Here are some of the top window-buying mistakes homeowners should do their best to avoid.

  • Buying the Exact Same Windows

  • Most homeowners look for new windows that are the same style, color, and material as their old windows. What they may not realize is that builder-grade windows used on new homes are some of the lowest quality products on the market. There are a lot of different styles and upgrades to consider and homeowners should understand all of their options before making a final decision.

  • Choosing Looks over Functionality

  • While aesthetics are important, they should not be the end-all answer when looking for replacement windows. Homeowners should love the way their new windows look and how well they complement the home. But homeowners also need to understand the functionality of the windows and how they are meant to operate in a specific space.

  • Focusing too Much on Performance Numbers

  • When shopping for replacement windows it is easy to become overwhelmed with the numbers. While the energy ratings from the NFRC are a great way to compare products, they can also be confusing. Just because one number on a product is better than another doesn’t make it a superior product. It is more important to understand the ratings best suited to the local climate. That often means working with a window professional from the very beginning so homeowners can get the best possible products for their home and location.

  • Seeing Only the Price Tag

  • Cost is an important factor when choosing new windows. Homeowners want to do all they can to find a fair price and stay on budget. But while navigating the cost, it is also important to weigh the value of new windows. Products that cost a little extra upfront often have better insulation, durability, and longevity.

  • Ignoring Security

  • The main job of a window is to let in light and ventilation. But a window should also keep the home safe and secure. The windows often serve as an important line of defense. And when purchasing new windows, it is important to talk with a window professional about strength and security to stop intruders from entering the home.

  • Disregarding Maintenance 

  • Maintenance costs are another important factor to measure when choosing new windows. Homeowners don’t want products that are going to take more time and effort to clean and maintain.

  • Hiring an Inexperienced Installer

  • When it comes to new windows, the installation is just as important as the quality of the products. It is important to hire a reliable professional for the job so new windows do not leak, warp, or fall out of the square.

  • Forgetting to Ask about Warranty Coverage

  • Homeowners should look for a window company that offers a strong warranty on both their products and their installation. Quality windows should last 15 years or more. And if a company stands by its products, the warranty should last at least that long as well.

    Looking for the best replacement windows in Seattle, WA and wanting to avoid some of these common mistakes? Contact us today for a hassle-free quote on new windows.

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