Style Recommendations for Modern Replacement Windows – Seattle, WA

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Ready for a modern home makeover? Consider starting with replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Core principles of modern home design include minimalism, simplicity, and practicality. And modern windows should display clean lines, geometric shapes, and lots of natural light. Replacing the windows and upgrading to more modern styles will help update the home, enhance the curb appeal, and increase the home’s value. For a more modern design, homeowners should follow these window style recommendations.

Picture Windows 

Nothing beats this classic when it comes to providing maximum light and visibility. Picture windows do not have grids, sills, or dividers. So if homeowners are looking to add a more modern architectural element and capitalize on expansive views, then picture windows are a common solution.

Casement Windows 

Casement windows are wildly popular in modern homes. These single-sash windows hinge to one side of the window frame. They often operate on an easy-to-reach crank and locking system. The sash pushes outward to open and pulls tight against the frame to close and lock. They can work as a stand-alone installation or can be paired with picture windows for more impact.

Awning Windows 

Awning windows are just like casement windows but hinge at the top of the window frame. When open, the window sash creates a protective covering over the opening. This way, homeowners can still open awning windows even on rainy days. And because weight is not as much of a concern, homeowners can choose larger sizes for awning windows and use them as a way to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are a standard installation in many homes. The style is fairly straightforward. These windows feature a movable sash that slides horizontally across a fixed sash. The simple operation makes them easy to install and easy to use. And because the sash sits inside a track, sliding windows come in a range of larger sizes to maximize the view and the natural ventilation.

Double-Hung Windows 

Double-hung windows are the most traditional style. That might not bode well for homeowners wanting to upgrade to modern design. That said, there are ways to make double-hung windows more modern. It starts with eliminating grille patterns and choosing a frame material that is thin and durable. And because both the upper and lower sashes of these windows can open simultaneously, occupants can enjoy plenty of natural ventilation and sunlight.

Full Wall Windows 

For maximum impact, nothing says modern design like a full wall of windows. Devoid of grids, the view is uninterrupted, and so is the daylight. But not to worry. Advanced glazing technologies mean homeowners can still enjoy the expansive view without having to worry about unwanted heat gains or energy losses. Simply pay attention to the value of multiple panes and Low-E glazing.

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