5 Windows to Promote Indoor/Outdoor Living

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A common trend in modern homes is integrating the home with the surrounding environment. Another way to say this is to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living with fresh air, natural light, and expansive views. It gives the effect of limitless space and surrounding yourself with natural beauty. But how do you foster a connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces in your own home? Here are a few options to consider with Seattle, WA replacement windows.

1. Picture Windows

Bigger windows are almost always better when trying to merge inside and outside spaces. Picture windows are large, fixed-pane windows. They are so named because they help provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, just like a landscape in a picture frame. And with the right insulation technologies on these windows, you can get plenty of natural light while still getting protection from the elements.

2. Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are larger installations featuring multiple panes. Bay windows are three-sided and protrude from the exterior wall at 30 or 45 degrees depending on the depth of the room. Bow windows are similar, but have more panes and a more curvilinear arrangement rather than sharp angles. With both of these types of replacement windows, you can get a range of natural light all throughout the day. They are excellent for connecting the inside with the outside spaces. And because they have multiple panes, they can offer up a panoramic view of the surroundings.

3. Skylights

When blending indoor and outdoor living, have you ever thought of looking up? Skylights were first implemented as a way to let natural light into the home and reduce dependence on artificial lighting. Now, they are a sustainable and energy-efficient way to create a bright and healthy living space. They are also a great way to bring the outdoors in. They come in two different types: venting and fixed. Fixed skylights can be out of reach, but venting ones need to be in an easy-to-reach area in the house. They will provide bright midday sun and top-down light so you don’t have to rely on artificial lighting throughout the day.

4. Operable Windows

Another way to merge inside and outside is with natural ventilation. That equates to operable windows. Some of the most popular operable window styles include awning windows, casement windows, single-hung windows, and double-hung windows. Adding these types of windows to a home will be a great way to take advantage of the natural surroundings and those passing breezes.

5. Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are the ultimate when it comes to getting access to the outdoors. And sliding doors are just like oversized sliding windows. All with the functionality of a door. Think of all the natural light and breeziness. You can choose sliding doors with two panes, or expand to four with the middle sliding outward. These are becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes with exquisite back patios and yards.

Ready to start harmonizing your house with nature? It starts with Seattle, WA replacement windows. With the right combination of products, you can get a fresh, airy feel in your home.

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