Consideration for Bathroom Replacement Window

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There are a lot of things to think about when choosing Redmond, WA replacement windows – especially for the bathroom. These windows have a unique set of parameters you don’t have to worry about in other parts of the home. And finding the right window might prove to be more difficult than you originally thought. To help the process run more smoothly, these are the top considerations to keep in mind when you need to choose a new window for your bathroom:

1. Privacy

This is the number one concern for windows in the bathroom. It is one of the most private areas in the home. You defiantly don’t want to worry about outsiders seeing in. And that can bring up issues and problems with the window design and placement. A lot of homeowners choose to put bathroom windows higher up on the wall. That allows them to still maintain privacy while also getting the light and ventilation they need for the space. Some homeowners want larger windows in the bathroom, and simply decide to etch the glass and make it more opaque so you cannot see through from the outside. There are also different window coverings you can use to help maintain privacy, like vinyl shutters or a water-resistant shade. You can still get great windows in the bathroom and protect your privacy.

2. Moisture Issues

Humidity and moisture in the bathroom are other major concerns. Bathing and showering can both cause high humidity in the bathroom. You need a product that will not rot, rust, or corrode when exposed to high levels of moisture. That makes vinyl one of the best solutions for bathroom windows. You also want windows that can open to work alongside the bathroom fan to help expel the humidity.

3. Natural Light

So many homeowners complain that there is not enough natural light in the bathroom. This is because most bathrooms are in areas of the house that may not have exterior walls. In these cases, skylights and sun tubes might be options to consider. You can also place windows high up on the walls, like transom windows, to filter in more light from above. And for homes with secluded yards where privacy is not a concern, picture windows can create a spa-like ambiance in any bathroom.

4. Insulation

Also, energy-efficient windows in the bathroom are a must-have. These products are specifically designed to help prevent heat transfer. This will help reduce condensation on the windows. That said, if you ever notice condensation forming between the panes of glass on any of the windows in your home, then it might be time for replacement windows. Fogging between the panes signifies a seal failure on your windows and they will not insulate as well as they are meant to.

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