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If you have leaks then it is time to start thinking about replacement windows in Seattle, WA. But how can you be sure? Signs of a window leak can range from subtle to overt. Here are just a few things to watch for if you suspect a window leak:  

Musty Odors Don’t Dissipate 

Odd smells are often the first sign of a leak. If you notice a musty, damp, or moldy smell starting to form around your windows then this merits further inspection. The last thing you need is mold growing in your home and impacting your health.  

Stains or Discoloration Forms around the Frames 

Another common sign of a window leak and moisture damage is the start of discoloration. It might be subtle—like just some slight yellowing or browning around the window frame. With a leak, the discoloration will continue to spread and become even more noticeable.  

Paint is Peeling or Bubbling 

If paint starts pulling away from the drywall, this is another sign of water damage. If this occurs around your windows you will want to make sure to get repairs done as soon as possible to stop the leak and prevent further damage. If the leak continues to seep into the substructures of the home, the cost of repairs will only go up.  

Drywall is Sagging 

Drywall is meant to be exactly that, dry. Too much moisture and the materials will start to sag and fail. Eventually, the weight of drywall saturated with water will cause it to buckle, crack, and collapse.  

Seals Look Cracked or Damaged 

It is important to expect the seals around your windows with each new season to make sure they are still intact. With time and use, the caulking and seals around your windows will start to wear out and break down. Fortunately, this is an easy fix with a quick trip to the hardware store.  

Condensation is Trapped between the Panes 

Condensation on the exterior surfaces of your windows is not something to worry about. But condensation trapped between the panes is a different matter. This indicates the seals around the insulated glazing unit have failed. Normal air has filled the cavity between the glass and these windows are no longer performing at peak efficiency.  

Windows Appear Crooked 

If water seeps into the substructures of the home it can cause the framing to warp. In turn, this can cause windows to fall out of the square. They will look crooked or unbalanced. This will not only impact window performance but can also cause even more water to leak into the home.  

Panes are Cracked 

An obvious sign of a leaky window is a cracked pane or broken glass. You will want to get these replaced as soon as possible.  

Water Pooling 

Any time you notice water pooling around your windows, it is not a good sign. You need to take immediate action to figure out where the leak is coming from and how best to make repairs.  

Notice any signs of leaks? It might be time to call about replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Contact us today for a hassle-free quote.

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