How to Choose Timeless Replacement Windows

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Anyone shopping for replacement windows in Seattle, WA wants their new windows to last more than just a few years. This means they also want the style, color, and technologies to last as well. But choosing timeless windows isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There are so many options and customizations on the market. How do you make sure you are getting something classic and lasting – even if you decide to sell your home? Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you narrow down the options.

1. Stick to Simple Styles

Windows range from simple to ornate with everything in between. And while it might be appealing to “go big or go home,” it is important to keep in mind that the most timeless window styles are often the most simple. Think about the types of windows you see as a standard in almost every home. These probably include picture windows, sliding windows, single-hung windows, and double-hung windows. These classic designs complement almost any architectural style and have a timeless appeal that other, more modern designs cannot match.

2. Choose Neutral Color Tones

Today, windows come in a wide range of colors and finishes. If you want red, green, or even black window frames on your replacement windows, the manufacturers can make that happen. And if you get wood window frames, you can paint them any color you choose. But that doesn’t mean you should. If you want your windows to feel timeless then you should stick to a more neutral palate. That means getting new windows with white, grey, tan, or black frames. For the best cohesion and balance, you will want to find a color that works well with the inside and outside of the home.

3. Keep Efficiency in Mind

Insulation and energy efficiency will never go out of style. These are important features on your windows and several different technologies combine to offer you the best savings. When shopping for new windows make sure the products you are considering have the right energy ratings for the local climate. Also, make sure if you decide to upgrade, you are choosing the most efficient options designed to last for years to come.

4. Don’t Worry about Etched Glass

Many homeowners love the idea of etched privacy glass on their new windows as a way to update the style. But something to consider is that etched glass doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you decide to sell your home, the etched glass doesn’t come with you. It gets left behind and might be a deterrent to a prospective buyer. Better to use drapes and window treatments to dress up your windows instead.

5. Limit Customizations

Just as with etched glass, any customizations you make on your new windows could come back to haunt you. Think about custom shapes and sizes. Though unique and perhaps eye-catching, not everyone will appreciate an octagon window above the door. Better to avoid these types of upgrades if you want something to be timeless.

Shopping for replacement windows is a big decision and there are so many things to consider. If you want to be sure your products are timeless instead of trendy, sit down with one of our design experts. They will help you choose the best replacement windows in Seattle, WA for your home.

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