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There are several design tricks you can use to make the rooms in your home look taller and more spacious. Some of these tips involve using paint, molding, and furnishings. But don’t forget that windows also have a lot to do with the aesthetics of a home. And using a few tricks and replacement windows in Seattle, WA will go a long way in making ceilings look taller.

1. Use Floor Ceiling Drapes

When trying to make a room look taller it is important to use vertical lines. Hanging floor-to-ceiling drapes is one way to accomplish this. The drapes can elevate the eyes and give the illusion of added height. Not only will it make the ceiling look taller, but will also give the illusion of taller windows.

2. Hang Curtain Rods Higher

Many homeowners hang curtain rods right at the top of the window frame. But this often breaks the visual flow and can make ceilings feel even lower. Try hanging the curtain rods higher than the top of the window frame. The closer the rod is to the ceiling, the taller the ceiling will appear.

3. Keep Window Treatments Simple

Window treatments come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials. But using curtains or drapes with bold patterns, frills, or tiers will halt the eye and make a room feel smaller and cluttered. It is better to use window treatments in simple, light colors. The natural lines of these panels can draw the eyes upward and the lighter tones will make the space feel brighter and more spacious.

4. Replace Small Windows with Larger Ones

Natural light is another way to make a home feel larger. And if there are rooms in the home that only have small windows, it can make the space feel small and dark. But with replacement windows, you can swap small windows with larger window installations. Upgrading a casement window to a sliding window will help get more natural light in the room and provide ventilation.

5. Install Skylights and Transom Windows

Another way to draw the eye upward and make a room appear taller is by installing windows higher up on the wall. Transom windows and skylights are both viable options. They will pull in more natural light to help make the room feel larger without compromising privacy. And best of all, these windows can go in areas of otherwise unused space.

6. Add More Windows

Already planning to get replacement windows? Take advantage of the opportunity to add more windows to your home. Many homeowners decide to add more windows to an installation, pairing up different styles for a more expansive view. You could add sidelights to picture windows or transom windows above sliding windows. More windows mean more natural light.

It is expensive to completely renovate a home and make the walls taller. It is not always a feasible solution. This is why so many homeowners look for alternatives that give off the appearance of more space. If you are interested in using replacement windows in Seattle, WA in this way contacts our window professionals.

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