How to Prepare Your Home for Replacement Windows got this article readily available and its filled with fun facts and fascinating suggestions for window replacements.

Have you decided to get replacement windows in Seattle, WA? It is an exciting time and there are so many benefits you can enjoy from new windows. And they can all start immediately after installation. But you need to get your new windows in first. To help speed along the process, here are a few things you can do before installation day to prepare your home:

1. Clear the Area Inside and Out

You want to move any clutter away from your windows. This includes any furniture, rugs, or decorations on the inside as well as any shrubs, pots, or hoses on the outside. This will give the installation team quick and easy access to your windows and reduce the risk of any collateral damage during demolition.

2. Establish Walking Paths

The installers will need to make their way through the home walking in and out with supplies, tools, products, and more. So in addition to clearing clutter away from the windows, you will also want to clear paths for walking through the house. This means removing any rugs or chords that might trip people up.

3. Remove Window Coverings and Wall Hangings

It is also important to take the time to remove any curtains, shades, or blinds you might have hanging over your old windows. This might seem like a small step, but taking them down before installers arrive will save loads of time. You will also want to remove any wall hangings or fragile items in proximity to the windows. You don’t want the vibrations from window removal to accidentally sustain damage.

4. Protect Your Furniture

The installation crew will likely bring their own drop cloths and plastic sheeting to use directly around the windows. But you can cover your furniture for a quick and easy clean-up after installation. Just be sure to touch base with the job foreman to make sure that is ok.

5. Create a Workstation

The installation team will need a small area to set up shop. Somewhere on the driveway, front yard, or garage is usually best. They will need space for their tools as well as access to an outlet.

6. Keep Children and Pets Away

Window installers work with heavy equipment like tools and ladders. You do not want your children or pets underfoot during window installation. So make sure to provide close supervision during installation or make other arrangements to keep them away from the worksite. This is for the safety of your loved ones as well as for the safety of the crew.

7. Make the Home Accessible

Last, but not least, you want the crew to be able to get in and out of the home as needed. This starts with a call to your security company so they can disarm your alarm system. It also means staying onsite during the installation so you can answer any questions and give them access to the areas they need.

Once your home is ready the only thing left to do is relax and enjoy the show. Getting replacement windows in Seattle, WA can disrupt your life for a couple of days, but the benefits will be well worth all the effort.

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