Why Do My Windows Have Leaks?

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Leaky windows are a problem for so many reasons, and often require replacement windows in Seattle, WA to correct the issue. But why do windows develop leaks in the first place? Here are some of the most common factors and contributors to watch out for:

Manufacturing Error

Some windows simply come off of the assembly line with leaks. But this is an uncommon occurrence because the manufacturers put their products through such rigorous testing. Most replacement windows ship out from the manufacturer in perfect, high-quality condition.

Issues During Transport

Where are your windows coming from? If your windows have to travel a long way to get to you, this could open up the possibility of your new windows being damaged in transit. Again, this is a rare occurrence. But it is important to have windows thoroughly inspected for damage or leaks before they get installed in your home.

Low-Quality Products

Some homeowners make a point of finding the most affordable products on the market. What they end up getting are low-quality windows that only last them a handful of years. No, it is better to invest in value and pay a little more upfront for better-quality windows that have been built to last.

Poor Installation

New windows really are only as good as their installation. This is true of every window actually. Because one small mistake in measurements or leveling and you will have a leaky window. This is the main reason why installation should be left to professionals.

Faulty Maintenance

Maintenance is key if you want your windows to last. Do not fall into the assumption that you can use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean your windows. And never, ever use a power washer. All of these techniques have been known to cause windows leaks and do way more harm than good.

Extreme Fluctuations in Temperature

Most windows have seals meant to defend against minor thermal expansion and contraction, especially because glass and the frame material might not change at the same rates. But with extreme temperature changes, you also get a more advanced thermal expansion. In some cases, the seals simply cannot keep up.

Accidental Damage

Everyone has heard of a baseball flying through a window or a rock spewing out of a lawnmower and causing a crack. These common household accidents are another reason why windows develop leaks. And while it is important to do what you can to prevent these damages, accidents can happen. And you will likely need to invest in replacement windows.

Usual Wear and Tear

Even with the highest quality products, eventually, the parts and materials will start to break down. And as they wear out so do the seals on your windows. You will start to notice drafts and leaks and know it is time to start thinking about getting new windows.

Leaks are a common problem for many windows and knowing what causes them is important. If you have a leaky window you should start thinking about replacement windows in Seattle, WA.

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