Ways to Finance Replacement Windows

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Getting new windows is a major investment, which is why homeowners tend to put off the project as long as possible. What they do not realize is more can go wrong the longer they wait. And that can often result in more complex and expensive repairs. This is why it is important to pay attention to windows and get replacement windows in Seattle, WA sooner rather than later. And fortunately, there are a handful of ways homeowners can finance the project.

1. Save Up and Pay Cash

This is the old-fashioned way, and probably the safest route if homeowners want to avoid taking out any form of credit. If they start saving up when they first notice problems with their windows they can plan for replacement and have the funds ready when they need them.

2. Mortgage Refinance

Many homeowners refinance to get a lower interest rate on their homes. But some homeowners choose to do cash-out refinancing when undertaking more expensive home improvements, like replacement windows.

3. Take Out a Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit is also known as HELOC. It is a revolving line of credit which means homeowners can draw from the line of credit, make payments, and take money out again. The homeowner can draw from the line of credit as soon as they are approved. And homeowners can continue to draw, as needed, up to a certain credit limit. These options generally have a variable interest rate and payments are not usually fixed.

4. Take Out a Home Equity Loan

For a home equity loan homeowners get a fixed amount all at once at a set interest rate. Homeowners must also pay it off in fixed amounts over the life of the loan. A home equity loan is a great way to convert the equity they have built up into cash—especially if they are going to use the cash on home improvements that increase the value of the home. Another benefit is homeowners can pay off the loan early.

5. Get a Personal Loan

If homeowners simply do not have enough equity built up in the home, they are not out of luck. They still have the option of taking out a personal loan to pay for home improvements. These loans often come at a higher interest rate, so that is something to keep in mind when considering the options.

6. Use a Credit Card

A credit card is probably the most convenient way to finance replacement windows. That said, this option usually comes at the highest interest rate. So before handing over the credit card for new windows, double check the interest rate and maybe consider an alternative option that comes with more manageable terms. Also, it is important for homeowners to meet the monthly demands of the bill, or their credit score will suffer.

7. Financing from the Window Company

Many replacement window companies will offer their own type of financing options. That the customer is able to get everything done all at once in one location. Just make sure that of all the options, the company offers a competitive interest rate.

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