Tips for Saving Money on Replacement Windows – Seattle, WA

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Remodeling a home is exciting. It is also a huge undertaking that can be quite expensive. Getting new windows is no exception. And with the rising cost of building materials, it is important to do what you can to minimize expenses. Here are some tips you can follow if you want to save money on your replacement windows in Seattle, WA.

Know when it is Time for New Windows

Knowing when to replace your windows is half the battle. Most builder-grade windows will only last about 15 years. And there are plenty of signs to watch for that tell you when it is time for window replacement. A few of these signs include window leaks, moisture damage, condensation between the panes, noise pollution, and any warping, rot, or other damages. Any one of these signs could mean it is time to plan for replacement windows.

Consider Affordable Window Frames

There are four main types of window frame materials. Vinyl windows are the most affordable. They are energy efficient, weather resistant, and come in a range of neutral colors. But vinyl windows will not last as long as other options. Aluminum, fiberglass, and wood windows are all more expensive. But these windows also last longer and might provide a better value.

Stick to the Standards

There are certain products that are more popular with builders and tend to sell the most. And manufacturers establish certain processes to efficiently mass-produce these popular windows in certain sizes, styles, and colors. These windows are often the most affordable. And choosing a window of a different size, style, or color will take more time and be more expensive.

Mix in Fixed Windows

It is necessary for all of the windows to be operable? Because the bottom line is most fixed windows cost less than operable ones. So, add enough operable windows to each room for adequate ventilation and egress. Then, change out the rest of the windows to fixed units. You will still get plenty of natural light and expansive views while also saving money.

Only Invest in Glazing Upgrades that Make Sense

When it comes to glazing, there are a lot of options and technologies to consider. This is where you really want to know your stuff. There is no reason to waste money on the upgrades you don’t need. You can still get a great replacement window without all the bells and whistles.

Buy Multiple Windows at Once

This may seem contrary, but windows are often less expensive when purchased in larger quantities. So if your plan is to gradually replace all the windows in your home, it is better to buy more windows all at once. Not only does this reduce the installation costs, but it also helps mitigate the cost of inflation from year to year.

These are just some of the easy ways you can save money on replacement windows in Seattle, WA. You should also keep in mind any rebates or tax credits that can help lower the cost of your project. Are you looking for new windows at a fair price? Contact our window experts today for a free consultation.

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