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When getting replacement windows in Seattle, WA the number of choices you have to make can seem endless. You have to decide on the window style, frame material, glazing technologies, and more. It can be a formidable task. By the time you come around to choosing the color for your window frames, you might be overwhelmed. Do you go with something neutral? Do you pick something that blends in? Or do you want to make a bold statement with your new windows? It can be a lot to think about. Here are some tips you can use when choosing the colors for your replacement windows.

Work within a Color Palette 

For those easily overwhelmed by all the options, a foolproof solution is to limit yourself to a warm or cool color palette. Start by deciding if you want to work with warm colors or cool colors. That will help reduce your options by half. From there is a lot easier to consider your options and narrow things down to the right choice for your home.

Match the Architectural Style 

Another thing to think about is the architectural style of your home. You want to match aesthetics so your new windows stand out, but don’t stick out. If the design of your home is more traditional, you should consider window trim colors that create some contrast and interest. You might try pairing a bright, warm color if the exterior of the house is medium taupe. If the home is more modern, you don’t want to create a lot of ornamental fuss. Instead, you should try blending the windows with the wall color, choosing an exact match or a color that is a few shades lighter or darker. This will result in a clean, more contemporary style.

Consider Climate and Environment

Most people forget to consider the climate when choosing the colors for their home. Dark colors tend to attract heat while lighter colors reflect it. That is something to think about in a sunny climate, but not as much for our area. It is also important to choose the right colors if you live in a dirty or dusty area. Mid-tones will be best for camouflaging dirt.

Choose Bold Colors Wisely 

There is something to be said for doing the unexpected. That said, while it is relatively easy to change paint colors it is not so easy to change the color of your windows. So if you decide to go bold, you better be sure that is a decision you can live with. If you aren’t afraid of color, then don’t be afraid of choosing a bolder tone for your window frames. Just be sure you have accents and tones throughout the rest of your home design to pull the whole thing together.

Think about Neutrals  

Not sure what to pick? Most manufacturers produce a line of standard neutral tones that work well with almost any home design and color palette. Tan and beige used to be the most common neutral colors. But gray is very popular right now and can be a warm or cool tone depending on the surrounding shades.

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