Replacement Windows Fix These Household Problems

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Many homeowners put off getting replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Not only are they a significant investment, but it also takes time and energy to sort through the products and decide which new windows are the right fit for the home. But what most people forget is new windows do more than just spruce up the place. These are some of the common household problems you can solve with replacement windows.

Lacking Natural Light

Homes with insubstantial natural light feel dim, dreary, and not very welcoming. This comes from old windows that are too small or placed in the wrong locations. Updating to new windows gives homeowners a chance to open up their homes to more natural light.

No Ventilation

Ventilation is vital for both comfort and wellbeing. Unfortunately, old windows may be too small, in the wrong style, or in the wrong place to really capitalize on natural ventilation. Investing in replacement windows means homeowners have the chance to improve the airflow and find ways to get fresh air into the home.

Difficult Window Operation

Sticky windows are inconvenient. They can also be a significant safety risk if homeowners can’t get the window open in an emergency. New windows would mean easy and smooth operation.


Drafts from old windows can make certain areas of the home excessively hot or cold, depending on the weather. In some cases, homeowners can seal off air leaks with caulk and weather-stripping. But more often getting replacement windows is the best way to make the home more airtight.

Moisture Leaks

In addition to drafts, old windows can also suffer from moisture leaks. In the beginning, the damage is usually very minimal. Homeowners might only spot some slight discoloration or spots. But if a window leak is left too long, water can seep into the walls and cause damage to the substructures of the home.

High Energy Losses

Old windows are not known for optimal insulation and energy savings. Glazing technologies have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Modern windows feature multiple manes, inert gas fills, and specialized coatings to control heat transfer and visible light transmission.

Noise Pollution

If a home is located near a busy street, school, train tracks, or an airport, then noise pollution can become a serious problem. Old windows do very little to keep out unwanted noise. New glazing technologies combine to block both light and sound. So upgrading to new windows can make a home more peaceful.

Frustrating Maintenance

Maintenance on old windows can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. But window maintenance does not have to be an ordeal. Manufacturers produce replacement windows with maintenance in mind. Many new styles feature removable or tilt-in window sashes that make cleaning and maintenance as safe and easy as possible.

Outdated Style

Windows add a lot to the overall style and aesthetic of the home, both inside and outside. As such, damaged or outdated windows do a lot to detract. Updating the windows can give the home a facelift, boost curb appeal, and increase the value of the home.

If you are considering replacement windows in Seattle, WA doesn’t put the project off for too long. There are several household problems you can solve with new windows that can have a big impact on your day-to-day life. Contact Signature Window & Door Replacement today.

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