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Old windows can produce a lot of different issues. Some of them are a mild inconvenience while others can result in serious worries and problems. Luckily, some issues that come with older windows will disappear when you invest in replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Here are just a few of the things you no longer have to worry about when you get new windows.

Excessive Energy Bills

The seals on old windows wear out leaving gaps for drafts and heat transfer. Windows are supposed to protect the home, not expose it to the elements. And if you have drafty windows you will notice it in the bottom line of your energy bills. The HVAC system has to work overtime to keep your home comfortable. But with new windows, that is not a problem. The new technologies on modern windows make them more efficient than ever.

Moisture Damage

Moisture leaks and water damage are major concerns with old windows. And the biggest issue is that some leaks will go unnoticed for months or even years until the damage is too far gone. The result is often mold, mildew, and irreparable structural damage. Don’t let this cause you to worry. New windows expertly fitted and installed and sealed will protect against moisture leaks.

Security Problems

Old windows are magnets for trouble because rusty locks and latches don’t work well at keeping intruders out. Even in a safe neighborhood, you might worry about break-ins. Is it worth the risk? New windows with reinforced frames, security glass, and improved hardware will boost security. Imagine the value and peace of mind you will get knowing your home is safe and secure.



Sticky Window Operation

Sticky window operation isn’t fun. In fact, it can be dangerous. Egress windows need to open and close smoothly so that in case of an emergency the occupants can get out. But difficult window operation is a common problem for many old windows, and silicone lubricant will only get you so far. If windows are warped it could make them impossible to open. This is when you know it is time for replacement windows.

Noise Pollution

Outdoor noise pollution can be a problem in many different areas, not just homes near airports or busy city streets. And old windows do very little to muffle the sound. If noise is keeping you up all night, consider upgrading to modern windows. The technologies used to reduce heat transfer also work to put a damper on the noise so your home can be a place of quiet tranquility.

Foggy Windows

Condensation on the exterior surfaces of windows is not a concern. But fogging between the panes is another story. This indicates seal failure. And when the inert gas leaks out from between the panes, the window no longer does its job of blocking heat transfer. These windows will be hot or cold to the touch, depending on outdoor temperatures. The only fix is replacement windows.

As you can see, replacement windows in Seattle, WA will put an end to several worries. If you are looking for the best windows at the best price contact us to set up a hassle-free consultation with one of our window experts.

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