Finding the Right Replacement Windows Room by Room

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The different rooms in the home have unique purposes. And the windows in those rooms should match those purposes in form and function. Here are some tips for finding the right replacement windows in Seattle, WA room by room.

Living Room Windows

The living room is the gathering space in your home. It is often one of the largest rooms, and as such, can accommodate some of the larger window installations. Many homeowners put bay windows, bow windows, or large picture windows in their living spaces. They will fill the room with natural light to make it appear spacious, warm, and welcoming. Just be sure to pair fixed windows with operable windows so you can open up the space to some ventilation as well.

Kitchen Windows

The kitchen is a place to cook, eat, gather, work, and play. You will want plenty of natural light as well as ventilation, but windows in the kitchen can be tricky because of a lack of space. Many homeowners choose to use casement windows behind the sinks and counters because they are easy to operate in these hard-to-reach spaces. You might also consider adding skylights or transom windows above the cupboards for even more natural light.

Dining Room Windows

It used to be that the dining room was cut off from the other areas of the home with very few or no windows. But modern home designs feature more open floorplans, and homeowners like to make the dining room an inviting room for family and friends alike. Bay and bow windows are popular in the dining room because they create a focal point and add some extra space.

Bathroom Windows

The bathroom is a place of privacy, which used to mean small windows. But with the advancements in glazing technologies, homeowners can make bolder choices in the bathroom. Privacy glass on any window style will allow plenty of natural light to filter inside while still maintaining privacy without the need for window coverings.

Bedroom Windows

The bedroom should be a place where you like to spend time. A place where you feel comfortable and can relax and wind down. Many types of windows would work well in the bedroom. You want windows that offer up a great view and bring in natural light. You also want some ventilation to allow in a breeze and keep the temperature at a comfortable level for a good night’s sleep. Sliding windows, casement windows, single-hung windows, and double-hung windows would all be great options for the bedroom.

Children’s Room Windows

Safety is the first concern when choosing windows for children’s rooms. Usually, windows in children’s rooms are placed higher up on the wall and out of the way of furniture so there are no accidental falls. It is also a good idea to consider windows with special locks and latches to make it more difficult for kids to open windows, or open them too far.

Basement Windows

Basement windows in living spaces have to meet certain building code requirements for size and operation. These codes are designed for safety so the window can operate as an exit in case of an emergency. That means small picture windows will not do you much good. Sliding windows and casement windows are popular.

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