Challenges of Buying New Windows

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Getting replacement windows in Seattle, WA can be a fun and exciting project. But not everyone will agree. For some people, investing in new windows is a real challenge and they don’t look forward to it. Here are just some of the challenges and reasons why homeowners tend to put off this type of project.

1. Nostalgia

A lot of people don’t like change and are attached to their old windows. They also think that their old windows work just fine and there is no need to invest in new ones. What they may not realize is most builder-grade windows will only last five to ten years. So even if the home feels relatively new, they still might need to invest in replacement windows sooner rather than later. Especially, if they want to keep their home in top shape. The good news is most homeowners can match their old windows style for style, frame for frame, and size for size so that it feels like nothing much has changed except for the performance of their new windows.

2. Money

Cost is another major challenge for most homeowners facing replacement windows. It is true, this project is a big investment. But what many homeowners forget to calculate is the cost of keeping their old windows for too long. Old windows leak and get drafty. This makes living spaces uncomfortable and drives up the cost of heating and cooling. Old windows also attract unwanted attention from home invaders and can make an easy point of entry if the frames are warped, dilapidated, and missing improved security technologies. In the end, it isn’t worth the cost or the risk.

3. Time

Getting new windows takes time. It takes time to research the window companies and their products. It takes time to sit down with a design expert to hammer out the details of the projects. It takes time to wait for the new windows to ship from the manufacturer and arrive for installation. And yes, installation takes time. This might sound entirely too inconvenient. But it is important to remember that the best things in life often take time. And when it comes to enjoying new windows and all the benefits they provide, it will be time well spent.

4. Weather

During window removal and installation, the home is exposed to the elements for a brief period of time. Many homeowners think this means they have to wait for the perfect season or the perfect weather before they can get new windows installed. This is incorrect. Professional installers can get the job done any time of year. They work quickly and efficiently to limit the amount of time there is a gap in the opening. And if there happens to be bad weather, they have ways of protecting the opening so very little gets disrupted.

5. Mess

Some homeowners don’t want to get new windows because they don’t want to be responsible for cleaning up the mess. This is another misconception about replacement windows. Yes, there is some demolition involved in window removal and installation. But professional crews use as much care as if they are working in their own home. They will put down drop cloths to protect the surrounding area and will clean up their mess before they leave. All that gets left behind are the new windows.

Don’t let these challenges prevent you from looking further into replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Most of these are unfounded concerns and should not be the reasons why you avoid getting your new windows.

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