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Not all window styles are universal. Certain replacement windows pair better with different architectural styles. And window aesthetics can make or break the home. Do your replacement windows in Seattle, WA complement the architectural style of your house? Here is a guide to help you match windows to home styles.

Victorian Houses

Victorian architecture hit its prime in the late 1800s and was named after the reigning monarch. Victorian homes often have steep, gabled roofs. They feature rounded angles around turrets, towers, and dormers. And along with bright colors and decorative woodwork, these homes often have shapely windows and sometimes even feature stained glass. Bay and bow windows are perfect complements to Victorian-style homes. You will also see a lot of tall, rectangular windows like single-hung or double-hung windows with fancy grille patterns. Half eyebrow dormers and cameo windows are also particularly popular in Victorian-style homes. The best window materials for Victorian homes include wood, aluminum-clad, and fiberglass.

Tudor Houses

These homes look like they came right out of a fairytale storybook. Tudor houses are easy to spot with their lavish use of half-timber work spaced with stucco, complex rooflines, lots of brickwork, and prominent chimneys. Windows on Tudor homes are usually tall and narrow, often clustered together in sets. Bay windows and casement windows are popular in Tudor homes. Transom windows above doorways are also common. And most of the windows will feature decorative lattice grids. Wood is the favored window material in Tudor homes and the colors on window frames are often dark and rich.

Craftsman Houses

Common elements of craftsman-style homes include low-pitched rooflines, deep-set eaves, impressive front porches and entryways, and plenty of outdoor architectural details like exterior trim and exposed beams. And because the emphasis of Craftsman-style homes is on artisanship these homes are filled with built-in cabinetry, thick baseboards and crown molding, and extensive use of stained wood. Most Craftsman-style homes feature single-hung or double-hung windows with traditional grille configurations. Casement windows with grilles in the upper windows are also a good complement to the style. And again, for the window frames, you will want to use wood or have the appearance of stained wood.

Mid-Century Modern Houses

Mid-century modern homes feature flat planes and geometric lines. They are often asymmetrical with changes in elevation. And while the lines are clean and simple, the design marks an integration with nature. Rooms in these homes often have multiple outdoor views and multiple access points to help blend interior and exterior spaces and forge a strong connection to the outdoors. So, as you can imagine, picture windows play an important role in this home design. Think of expansive floor-to-ceiling panes of glass, sliding doors, and casement and awning windows that swing wide for plenty of natural light and ventilation. Frame materials are often minimal, so aluminum and fiberglass are popular choices.

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