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New windows should be exciting. They should make your home more comfortable, protect against the elements, and insulate the home from heat transfer. But if replacement windows in Seattle, WA don’t get installed correctly they will end up doing none of those things. Poorly installed windows can result in several different problems and not all of them will appear right away. That is why it is so important to make sure your windows get placed by trained professionals. Here are just a few of the bad signs to watch out for:

1. Odd Noises

Do your new windows creak, squeak, or crack when you open and close them? These can be some of the first signs of a poor installation. The sounds often mean a window is either fitted too tight or too loose inside the frame. This is bad news for the hardware, hinges, and mechanical systems on the windows. These parts will likely wear out much faster, and before you know it you could be replacing your windows yet again. So if you notice any odd noises with your new windows, it is important to contact the installers right away and have them come out to fix the issues.

2. Sloppy Caulk Applications

Caulk’s application may not seem like a big deal. The lines should be clean and even, but uneven caulk is something you can easily peel away and reapply yourself. That isn’t what really matters. The main concern is if the installation crew was in a rush and didn’t take time to apply the caulk properly, what else did they neglect in the installation process? A small problem with the caulk might be just the beginning when it comes to issues with these windows.

3. Noticeable Gaps between the Frame and Sill

This should be an immediate red flag. The new windows should sit tight and level inside the frame. Any gaps mean the installers didn’t measure and fit the new window properly. If you can see light coming through the gaps, that should be a major warning. But sometimes gaps are not easy to see. That said, you will most likely be able to feel them.

4. Drafts and Leaks

New windows should not leak. Unfortunately, drafts and leaks might only appear during extreme weather conditions and it might take several months before you even notice a problem. But there is one easy way to test for drafts. Simply close all the external windows and doors in the home and then run the exhaust fans. This will create some negative pressure inside and start pulling air through any of the gaps. To test the windows, simply pass a stick of incense or a candle around the frame. If the flame or smoke pulls inward, you likely have a window leak the installers need to fix.

5. Difficult Window Operation

Windows, especially new windows, should open and close with little effort. And the smooth operation is more than a convenience. Egress windows need to open and close so they can function as an exit in the event of an emergency. If new windows do not open and close, and you paid for functional windows, then you need to call the installers back and get the problem fixed right away.

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