5 Compelling Reasons to Check for Window Leaks

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Window maintenance can be a challenge, but neglecting your windows could be disastrous. This is especially true in winter. You might miss the signs that it is time for Seattle, WA replacement windows. And before you know it you have a slew of serious structural problems on your hands. Here are just a few of the compelling reasons you should check your windows for leaks.

1. Poor Insulation

Windows are meant to make a home more energy efficient. They protect against cold air, hot temperatures, rain, and snow. But with time and use, the insulating properties on your windows will wear out. The caulk and weather stripping are often the first to go. But the inert gas between the panes can also slowly leak out. Eventually, windows will develop drafts and leaks. You can check for leaks by feeling around the window frames for cold air coming through or by hiring a professional for an energy audit.

2. Fogging Glass

Condensation on the windows can also be a sign of window leaks. Usually, the condensation on the exterior surfaces will come and go with changes in temperature and humidity. This isn’t usually caused for concern unless windows are constantly fogging. But moisture trapped between the window panes is another story. This indicates seal failure on the insulated glazing unit. Inert gas gets replaced with normal air, and these windows will do very little to protect against heat transfer.

3. Water Damage

One major concern for leaky windows is water damage. At first, you may not notice any signs of the leak. Eventually, discoloration will appear. Paint will start to pull away from the walls. And as the problem gets worse the drywall might begin to bubble or sag, the window frame might start to rot, or the substructures of the home might become compromised. Any one of these problems could mean a major home renovation. It is better to inspect for leaks and catch the problem early before it becomes a serious issue.

4. Mold and Mildew Growth

Another component of moisture leaks is mold growth. Mold loves dark and damp places to grow. And if the window has leaks, mold can quickly become a problem. So when checking for leaks, it is also important to check for mold. If there is only a small patch, you can try using cleansers to get rid of it. But if the leak continues, mold can seep deeper into the substructures of the home. This could become a major health risk and should be addressed by a professional.

5. Uncomfortable Temperatures

You want your home to be comfortable, especially in the colder months. But leaky windows will make that almost impossible. Cold air will get in and warm air will get out. This will make certain areas of the home that will feel drafty. And the HVAC system will work overtime trying to keep up with the temperature differential.

Window leaks are common and there are so many compelling reasons why you should make routine inspections part of your regular home maintenance. It is one of the best ways to know when it is time for Seattle, WA replacement windows.

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