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Bay windows Apache Junction AZ

Sure Bay Windows Apache Junction AZA beautiful window designed to make the look and feel of any room more spacious in your Apache Junction home, while bringing in light and increasing its brightness. A bay window can work in living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, as well as family or dining areas where an increase in natural light would make the environment more pleasant.

The installation is the biggest challenge with a bay window in Apache Junction AZ. The construction of the bay window frame and the correct method of installing the waterproofing mechanisms like flashing will be the difference between a beautiful window you and your family will enjoy for many years or a world of unwanted problems.

We offer high-grade window products from Andersen, Pella, Marvin, and Milgard, and use installation procedures that’s proven to support the extra weight of the window, and will never leak while complying with all building codes in Apache Junction Arizona.

Completely backed by our Quality Workmanship Warranty, and our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Before making a decision, contact us today for a Free Fast quote, and the expert assistance you need to plan your Bay Window project correctly.

What is a Bay Window?

A bay window is a series of windows that might be a combination of single or double hung windows or maybe casement windows to form a bay that projects outside of the home.

One of the more beautiful options available for your home by popular opinion, yet one of the more challenging to install, the bay window can really brighten up a room, and create a feeling of spaciousness, especially in rooms that feel more closed.

Installation Challenges in Apache Junction

Bay windows are one of the more challenging windows to install for contractors because they almost always leak. In fact, good friends of ours have considered eliminating them entirely as an option for homeowners; something that we feel would be a real shame because this is such beautiful feature to add to your home.

Our installation process starts off by building a frame using 1 inch and ¼ furniture grade plywood. Using this as a material will ensure the extra weight will be supported.

After the frame is complete, we use our curb method. We install a vertical frame over the window using 3 2x6 rafters at both of the windows ends, then we install the roof with plywood / shingles, or copper. Afterwards we flash the roof with galvanized steel or copper, and then lay any finish that needs to be laid. This is by far the most effective application we’ve seen when installing a bay window in Apache Junction Arizona or any window that extends past the house.

Bow Window

Bows are a great way to bring natural light into any room in your home in Apache Junction. Offered by Andersen Pella and Marvin in many colors finishes and sizes. Great for ventilation, and much more. Professional installations backed by our Quality Workmanship Warranty, that you can bet won’t leak on you down the road.

Round Windows

Enjoy seeing through these while increasing light and aesthetics available for our area. Suitable for almost any room and offered in finishes that can match any interior like solid, or aluminum for a brushed steel look. We offer products from top brands like Andersen Pella and Marvin, and offer professional installations for replacements and new construction.

French Windows

Great for patios and much more, our latest offering are equipped with advanced security features designed to keep intruders out. We’re professional installers in Apache Junction AZ for Andersen, Marvin and Pella products, and can show you many styles and sizes with high PG ratings that will not leak and save on energy. Low price guarantee for local customers.

Transom Windows

These are typically installed over doors, however can be installed over windows also. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate transoms into your local project, we can help. We offer products from popular brands that you know and trust like Andersen Pella and Marvin in our area. Our professional installation team can perform your install quickly and with care.

Egress Window

An egress is made to allow for escape and rescue and is required in many rooms including basements according to Apache Junction AZ building code. If you’re considering a renovation, chances are you’ve heard about them. We offer complete product and window installations locally for any room according to the code. We can offer aesthetics as well as safety, learn more.

Double Pane Windows

One of the true energy efficient windows available locally, these are great because insulating gas is filled in between the panes to keep warm air in during the cold months. Combine low e glass, and you have a great performing window. Find products from popular brands like Andersen Pella and Marvin for our area in many types including double hung and bay windows.

Triple Pane Windows

Like double panes, these can effectively reduce energy consumption. The extra pocket in a triple is filled with argon or krypton and has greater insulating properties especially noticeable in extreme Arizona climate times. Find products from Pella Marvin and Andersen in your choice of single or double hung, casement, awning or bay windows in Apache Junction AZ.

Vinyl Windows

When vinyl was introduced it allowed many local homeowners to reduce their energy consumption, and have clean looking window for less. Vinyl is a durable material thats the most used in replacements for many good reasons. If you’re looking for the latest in vinyl we offer product, and fast installs in our area for Andersen Pella and Marvin units.

Wood Windows

Find genuine wood products built to last using Fibrex from Andersen for the Apache Junction AZ area. Similar models also offered by Pella and Marvin that are water and rot resistant. Types include casements, awnings, double hung, bay windows and more. We offer professional and local window installation service backed by our Quality Workmanship Warranty.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum has evolved and today can perform as well as other replacements in terms of efficiency. If you want to incorporate a brushed steel look into a modern design project, we can help. Choose from popular casements, awnings, double hung bay windows and much more in popular sizes designed to cut energy costs. Learn about our local install options today.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a lot more durable than vinyl and should be considered. Because theres not that much of a cost difference, a homeowner in Apache Junction AZ can see these pay for themselves in a short period of time with their energy saving benefits. Find products for our local area and full service installation that include large bay window projects and more.

Casement Windows

Casements dropped in popularity mainly because of the crank thats used for opening and closing. What many don’t know is that they are one of the most air tight options available and should be considered for energy efficiency. Combine them with a bay window for aesthetics and function, and enjoy. View our local choices and save money.

Double Hung Window

Complete product and window installation service in Apache Junction AZ for double hung for much less. Popular brands like Andersen Pella, and Marvin backed by manufacturers warranty, and our quality workmanship warranty to guarantee their lifespan. Sash replacements or a new construction install, for the local area. Get a free estimate today.

Awning Windows

Similar to casements these are hinged from one side, and open like a door. The difference is these open from the bottom upwards. We offer custom sizing and made to order products for the local area in almost all of our types including bay windows. Get a professional install locally fast and consistent with manufacturers specification.

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