Milgard Windows

Milgard WIndows by SureA window company with over 50 years of quality products and service, Milgard Windows today offers a complete custom tailored window solution for products and installations through their certified partners.

With Milgard, every window is made to order and built just for you. Milgard Windows offer a wide variety of window types, and fame combinations, custom sizes, finishes and color options through its Essence, Montecito, Ultra, Quite Line, Tuscany, Style Line, Woodclad Series.

If you’re looking for quality windows made specifically for your home with a reliable lifetime limited warranty, contact us today to view many options through our In-Home Demo.

Milgard Essence

The complete line of wood windows offered by Milgard, and made to order. type of windows include casements, awnings, double and single hung, sliding, picture, and transom, which can be ordered in any specification to meet the needs of your project.

These solid wood windows are built with a fiberglass foundation for maximum durability. 15 available exterior finishes, maximum energy saving options, and a warranty that even covers glass breakage.

Milgard Tuscany

A line of vinyl windows made to the exact specifications of your home giving you the style and elegance of a premium window with the durability of vinyl.

Every window type is available for every kind of application. Because these windows are made to order, energy efficient features are customized for our local climate. Full lifetime warranty, including part and labor, and traditional styling options is what you receive with Tuscany Series Windows.

Milgard Montecito

A great choice for vinyl windows designed for every type of home style. These windows come in a broad range of styles with many built in features like the Milgard Windows Smart Touch locking for easy locking and unlocking operation. These windows are made to order at no additional fee, and come with Milgard’s outstanding warranty.

Energy efficient options will vary depending on regional zones for maximum performance, 7 premium exterior colors to choose from. All of these details are covered in our In-Home Demo.

Milgard Style Line

These series are more specific to contemporary design for there sleek look, and light enhancing features. Style line offers everything you would expect from contemporary style windows like straight lines, and minimal framing while still providing maximum energy efficiency. 2 standard or 7 premium exterior color choices, custom window shapes, and lifetime warranty, is what Style Line offers.

Milgard Quiet Line

A made to order window series designed to reduce sound by up to 30%. Great for installations on buildings surrounded by high traffic areas, or industrial zones, these windows can make your environment a little more tranquil, regardless of your homes location. With Quiet Line you will get custom sizing, energy efficient options specific to your regional zone, and Milgards lifetime warranty.

Milgard Ultra

These windows combine a traditional wood frame with fiberglass for maximum durability and low maintenance. A well engineered window that uses the expanding and contracting properties of fiberglass during extreme hot and cold conditions to keep seals in place, and reduce stress from the glass panes. Made to order and offered in every window type and size. Includes Milgards lifetime warranty.

Milgard WoodClad

The windows in these series also combine a wood frame profile with a fiberglass exterior to produce an extremely durable product. The interior uses Douglas Fir to produce a beautiful furniture grade natural wood frame that’s clear sealed and can be stained to match interior wood accents. Milgard Windows offer many factory exterior colors to choose from.

Milgard Standard Aluminum

Aluminum windows made to order for any size, and window type. Low-e coated glass are used to improve insulation. Slide to lock features with single and double hung windows, and optional stainless steel hardware options for climates that have salt air to help reduce corrosion.

Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum

These Aluminum windows use thermal breaks to separate the outside aluminum from conducting with the inner aluminum frame, reducing the transfer of heat and cold temperatures. Combined with Milgard Wondows SunCoat, and you have a well performing energy efficient window for residential, and commercial applications.

Marvin Windows

Marvin markets offers products through two lines, Marvin, and integrity. All of its units are made to order with many options that include solid wood interiors, and fiberglass exteriors, a superior frame that will withstand any weather elements. Always backed by a reliable warranty, customers are always happy with this choice.

Jeld Wen Windows

For many years Jed Wen has been producing premium options that are offered through its many lines. Most known for their vinyl cost efficient models, they also make products for coast line residential areas, as well as many premium wood units. Energy efficient glass options range from dual pane argon filled gas, to low e coating.

Ply Gem Windows

A 70 year old leader in building products, their windows range from single consumer options to builder and contractor options. Highly efficient when combined with low e coating or any of the many glass options offered. Always backed by a solid warranty, the company makes a strong effort to back any of its units.

Windsor Windows

Always a reliable company that produces windows and doors suitable for any project. Offering a superior wood line thats aesthetically pleasing, today the company has evolved and offers vinyl, PVC, and high impact units. Relatively low costing, these are available in popular or custom sizing.

Sunrise Windows

Offering a superior product line, Sunrise is highly decorated with many awards for their superior window performance. Offered in 38 states and in some parts of Canada, these are suitable for every climate type. Great on energy with durable vinyl and polyurethane framing, low e glass and argon gas.

Andersen Windows

For over 100 years Andersen has been producing quality windows that at many times throughout their history have been the first of their kind. Today the company offers their products through 5 lines and customers range from middle to upper end with choices of vinyl, wood, and Fibrex, the Andersen composite material.

Pella Windows

Like Milgard Windows Pella is known for always producing innovative components that make their windows better, and more user-friendly. Homeowners can find vinyl, fiberglass, and solid wood choices, with reliable warranties and customer support. Pella has been around since 1925 and you'll continue to see great things come out of them.