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Types of Windows in Picacho AZ

There are many types of windows available today. The most popular among homeowners in Picacho Arizona are sliding windows, and among them the double hung is the one most often chosen.

Sure offers a wide range of choices that include the type, the framing, and glass option (double or triple pane).

Sure Window Choices

Casement Windows

These types of windows are hinged on one side, and open from the other using a mechanical crank. Because they’re considered classic among Picacho AZ homeowners, they're overlooked on the fact that they’re extremely airtight making them a good choice for an energy conscious shopper. New models are better equipped and are more user-friendly for opening and closing.

Double Hung Window

Double hung are the most requested in Picacho AZ. They are types of windows that slide upwards to open. The difference between these and single hung are that both the top and bottom panes have the ability to open, where in the single hung, the top sash is fixed and the bottom opens. The sashes also tilt to all easy cleaning and maintenance.

Awning Windows

Awnings are types of windows that are hinged from one side similar to casements. However, these open from the bottom upwards making them have the ability to bring in fresh air during a rainy day in Picacho AZ without soaking your interior. A great feature to add to a kitchen, bathroom or attic.

Bay Window

One of the more desired among Picacho Arizona homeowners, Bays are types of windows that combine a fixed center piece with one functioning window on each side to for a Bay. A really nice feature that will increase natural light and bring life to any room its up in. Combinations can include double hung or casements.

Bow Window

Like the Bay these are types of windows that typically combine five or more to form a bow. A beautiful feature to add to any home in Picacho AZ, you can find many style options and finishes to match any interior. We offer professional installations for these designed to overcome any challenges so you won’t ever experience leaks down the road.

Round Windows

Add charm and design appeal to any room, these types of windows can be fixed or include opening and closing functionality. Choose between a traditional look with a solid wood frame stained to match furniture or accents, or a modern look using an aluminum frame. Include Low E glass for better performance in Picacho Arizona climate.

French Windows

Brighten up your interior while making your outdoor living space in Picacho much more attractive, these types of windows are offered by the brands you know and trust like Andersen Pella, and Marvin. Fiberglass framing with a solid wood interior. Choose the white color of your liking. High PG ratings showing leak resistance and more.

Transom Windows

These types of windows are popular in Picacho AZ because they come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to match just about any interior design. The transom is the beam over your door, and these are simply windows that fit over the beam. However these can be installed just about anywhere. Choose between traditional, modern, Mediterranean and more.

Egress Window

Made for the purpose of escape and rescue, these types of windows are required in certain rooms according to Picacho building code. Depending on whether installed in a commercial or residential building, location may vary. If you’re planning a basement renovation, you’ve probably looked into these. Find out more about their benefits and uses.

Double Pane Windows

Combining two window panes inside a frame, these types of windows offer better performance when Argon or Krypton gas is filled between them. The two panes are sandwiched together with a small air gap in between. The gas is filled between them and insulates your home keeping heat in, during the cold months in Picacho AZ.

Triple Pane Windows

Like the dual panes, these types of windows offer better insulation for colder climates. Because of the third sash, a second pocket of air is made available for Argon gas. The two Argon filled pockets increases the insulating properties of the window, and is very noticeable during our colder months of the year.

Vinyl Windows

The most popular choice among homeowners in Picacho, these types of windows are durable, low maintenance, and low costing. Because vinyl doesn’t transfer heat, these also are highly energy efficient especially when combine with Argon filled panes, and Low E coated glass. An energy conscious shopper can get great performance from these at a good price.

Wood Windows

Probably one of the most desired locally simply because its look cannot be easily replicated, these types of windows are aesthetically pleasing and give a warm feeling in any room they’re in. Today, newer frames are made with a solid wood interior and a more durable exterior to prevent them from rotting or getting water damage.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum is a conductor, and therefore homeowners in Picacho AZ stopped buying these because of their poor energy performance. However today they’re a whole new window. With the installation of thermal breaks to stop the transfer of cold and heat, argon filled sashes, and Low E coating, performance is comparative to well EnergyStar rated windows.

Fiberglass Windows

Much more durable than vinyl, these are growing in popularity for their energy saving properties and their ability to last for a really long time. Now you have the option of getting a solid wood interior factory stained to match any furniture or accents combined with a fiberglass exterior for protection against local weather elements, and energy efficiency.

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